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This begins from the age of 5. We will work closely with the children to provide a strong foundation in both Numeracy and Literacy as well as prepare them for the year 2 SATs. Children’s attitude to learning is cemented in the formative years of primary school which is why making sure they feel secure and confident in their education is important. we Will work effortlessly to provide a fun learning environment whereby, education becomes more of a hobby than a chore.

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At this stage, your child’s programme of study becomes more challenging, but still incorporates a lot of Key Stage 1 skills. Some students may pursue the 11+ course in preparation for Grammar school. We will also help your child to pass smoothly onto a more challenging level of study by exercising foundational knowledge gained in the previous years. It is important for students to aim high in their SATS examinations so they can reach the top sets in year 7 which ultimately builds up their confidence, pace and mental capacity.

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The first few years of secondary school can be very challenging for some students to adapt to. Not every student progresses at the same pace or has an aptitude for the full range of subject. At Prosper Tuition, our main focus will be on the core subjects Maths, English and Science. We can help your child to stay on top of their workload and to develop on time management and study skills.

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Studying for GCSEs can be one of the most overwhelming times in any child’s education. The volume of work that is presented to GCSE students is substantial. Our teachers will support your child in their exam preparation by providing intensive practice to make sure they are ready. Moreover, tutors will provide support and advice to parents and students on how to revise and manage time properly prior and during exam period.

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A-level study is certainly the most difficult learning period as the step up is very challenging and requires a huge amount of study outside of school hours to attain a high grade. Our tutors are excellent and will be able to provide the best service and even advice how to get into a top university. During these years students and parents should carefully target revision and concentrate on finding weaknesses and strengths.

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